An extraordinary Bookfest event was held at St Chad’s Church where the ‘Book Award 2014’ ceremony took place , involving about a 1000 pupils from 32 primary schools around Shropshire. The children were given the chance to read, discuss and review a shortlist of 6 children’s books, chosen by them, which were written in the last two years. The Award Ceremony gave pupils the opportunity to celebrate and showcase some of their work throughout  the project and at the same time find out which book proved the most popular amongst their peer group. Wonderfully all the authors of the chosen books were in attendance, giving the children a unique opportunity to see their favourite authors for themselves. Needless to say their excitement and enthusiasm, with the various children taking part in readings and play acting bringing the books to life for all the audience was palpable. They also prepared, to an extremely high standard, video clips enacting a synopsis of each book for us all to see on a big screen which proved enormously entertaining!

The 6 books were as follows, the eventual winner being ‘The Bomber Dog’:  ‘The Bomber Dog’ by Megan Rix,  ‘Geek Ink’ by Mark Griffiths,   ‘The Last Wild’ by Piers Torday,   ‘The Skull in the Wood’ by Sandra Greaves,   ‘I am still not a Loser’ by Jim Smith, and finally  ‘Secrets, Lies and Locker 62’ by Lil Chase.

Sophie Peach, the main ‘driver’ of the whole event, aided on the day by the energetic and immensely inspirational poet, Sarah Jane Ashley, did an incredible job presenting the whole ceremony ensuring the eagerness and anticipation of the children was maintained throughout. Mr Howard Franklin, President of NADFAS, sponsors of the event, was there to present awards to children for literary achievement. Much more news on this exceptional charity can be found on their website:  Don’t miss them!