The High Sheriff of Shropshire

The High Sheriff of Shropshire

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The High Sheriff's Cadets

A recently created role – the High Sheriff’s Cadet or Cadets, was introduced to provide assured and professional support for the High Sheriff and is a great opportunity for young cadets to become part of the Shrieval team.

The programme enables youngsters to become more self-confident and outgoing, and benefit academically and socially as they connect with local communities.

Opportunities to become a High Sheriff Cadet are open to youngsters between 13 and 17 years old.

James WatsonJames Watson

James is the first Cadet appointed by Selina Graham during her term as High Sheriff:

“I have been in St John Ambulance for nearly 7 years, and I am the High Sheriff Cadet for Shropshire within St John Ambulance. I am also a member of the Oswestry Unit.

During my time in the organisation, I have helped many people at many different events. I am really looking forward to being able to work with the High Sheriff and make a difference to the people of Oswestry and in the wider county of Shropshire.”

Larissa Larissa Startin

Larissa is the second Cadet to be appointed by Selina Graham.

I have been with the police cadets since I was 13, am currently doing my GCEs and leave school on the 23rd of June. I aspire to become a cadet leader once I turn 18 and my future ambition is to be a police officer and to work my way up to being a detective. I am an open minded, caring and compassionate person who loves to help and guide others. I do voluntary work with Shrewsbury cadets which I enjoy!

So, far I have contributed over 40 hours of my time doing voluntary work that has been organised within the cadets. I’m very friendly and approachable and I will always go out of my way for others. I am very determined; I push myself to achieve the best in everything I do, and I love to challenge myself. In September I will be attending Kidderminster college to study public services for two years and then I plan to apply for an apprenticeship within the police service when I turn 18.

I come from a large family as I’m one of nine children aging from 13-34 years old and I am the 2nd youngest, so have always been surrounded by children of all ages. I feel this has contributed to me being the confident, outgoing person I am as we are a close, strong, supportive family. In the future, I would love to travel around to explore new places and experience different cultures, religions and beliefs.