Monday, 12th May Presentation of a New Queen’s Colour for the No. 1 School of Technical Training, RAF Cosford

The new Queen’s colours being presented to The Princess Royal

The High Sheriff and his wife were invited to RAF Cosford to attend the Presentation of the New Queen’s Colour by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal. The unwelcome cold, drizzly weather did not dampen the spirits of all the Personell marching in groups of ‘flights’ made of trainees from across the aircraft trades, parading in honour of the Presentaion. They marched before invited quests from all over the county, as well as passing visitors keen to witness this special event before Her Majesty, The Princess Royal, who came especially to replace the faded, old Queen’s Colour with a fresh new one.

The origins of ‘Colours’ goes as far back as the time of the Roman Legions where the loss of their Colour (or standard/ banner) in battle signified defeat, an absolute disaster! These banners were used to identify friend or foe and to act as a focal point two show troops where to rally round a leader. The English Civil War saw the first real military flags such as we would recognise today; a period which also saw the beginning of the modern army. The No. 1 School of Technical Training, one of the first aircraft engineering colleges in the world, was started up after WW1. Lord Trenchard stipulated that a centre of technical excellence was needed to provide a cadre of highly trained, highly motivated and skilled engineers from which the future Warrant Officers and SNCO’s would be drawn, and on which any future expansion of the service could be based. In order to achieve this the Aircraft Apprenticeship scheme was initiated at the No.1 School of Technical Training, RAF Halton in 1922 and since 1993 has been based at RAF, Cosford.

The High Sheriff, along with other guests, was welcomed by the Station Commander, Group Captain Adam Sansom. The parade was followed by a celebration luncheon, which took place in the Officer’s Mess where the assembled company was able to mingle with Squadron Leaders and Commanders of the School and have the opportunity to exchange words with Her Royal Highness Princess Anne.

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