An immensely inspiring and fulfilling evening of Achievement Awards Ceremony was given by ‘Young Enterprise’ and held at the Park Inn, Telford, where a huge number of schools and colleges from all over the county had contributed to an initiative to encourage the start up of businesses.’Young Enterprise’ is an educational/business charity that runs a set of programmes designed to initiate young people into the world of business. The country-wide competition is part of an international event and is the first rung on the ladder of a potential roller-coaster ride for budding business people.

The High Sheriff was kindly invited to attend the ceremony along with his wife, and was able to invite his Chaplain Mrs Judy Davies and her husband Jonathan to accompany him. A group of largely 6th form pupils from both schools and technical colleges were given the opportunity by ‘Young Enterprise’ to try their hands at being young entrepreneurs. There were 42 groups of young people who entered the competition and just under 20 of them presented a fantastic variety of potentially viable enterprises, ranging from artefacts, fashion, jewellery, all designed or made by themselves, to gadgets and technical ideas that would sell as useful ‘tools’ for all walks of life. As well as producing the goods, they had to create a website and a  comprehensive business plan, the eventual winners having to promote themselves before an audience of discerning business leaders alongside proud families and friends who were there to celebrate with them. Each award was individually sponsored by successful businesses in the county. The eventual winners were a young group of 16-17 yr olds from S-Cat (Shrewsbry College of Art and Technology) calling themselves ‘Mellini’. They are a clothing-brand company who were nominated for 9 of the awards, 5 of which they fabulously scooped up, including top prise of the night for ‘best overall company’, and were going on to represent Shropshire for the West Midlands Regional finals, of which the eventual winners will win a grant to help with their businesses at the National finals later in the year. The cheers of excitement was phenomenal!! Supporting the program was Trevor Lawrence from ‘Catterpillar’ who gave the Chair speech, introducing the idea and experiences of the business world, and the keynote speaker was the exceedingly amusing and highly motivational David Hyner, a most experienced professional in getting people to be confident and motivated.

It was a most entertaining evening, the general fervour of all those taking part – even those pupils attending schools for  disabilities – was quite palpable. They all had a chance to excel! Seeing how confident and inspired these young people were made one realise how much talent is out there, and how hungry they are to engage in their futures once they have left the protective walls of their schools and colleges. But they do need support! ‘Young Enterprise’ is always looking for inspirational volunteers from the business sector as well as all professional sectors for support and involvement in order to encourage budding talent. For more information please look up: