Locally Based Aico Launch Project SOS photographs

Always looking for new charities and causes to spend their time supporting, Oswestry based Aico are currently looking for an organisation within Shropshire to offer a full week of volunteering.

Providing support to local educational and charitable organisations is fundamental to Aico, who are European Leaders in Home Life Safety. Aico understands that time can often be far more valuable to these organisations and as such launched Aico in the Community in 2018.

Having carried out over 4,000 hours of volunteering since this initiative launched in 2018, this May Aico will be taking applications from local causes to secure a week of volunteering by donating the time of some of their colleagues to complete a community project. So whether your organisation has an unfinished events room or an outdoor area that requires some attention, the Aico team are ready and willing to help!

Applications will be open to all local causes within Shropshire including charities and educational organisations. To find out more, please email sustainability@aico.co.uk for details before the 19th May 2023.

To find out more about Aico in the Community, please visit: www.aico.co.uk/in-the-community