Whittington Brownie Pack

Thursday 15th March 2018

Veronica and I attended a meeting of the Whittington Brownie Pack in the charge of Tawny Owl Fiona Wilkinson Roberts. I came in uniform and gave a brief talk on the role and history of the High Sheriff. I was delighted that they had heard of Mad Jack Mytton, the first High Sheriff from the village of Whittington. The Brownies were an excellent audience, and asked many penetrating questions, particularly concerning the sword, its use, effectiveness for beheading etc. Veronica, herself a proud member of the Hissington Brownie Pack a few years ago, explained to them how it had been in her day and was delighted to see the Whittington Pack’s vintage (c 1968) toadstool and to receive a Brownie badge.

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