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Victim Support Milestone Awards

This afternoon I had the honour of presenting the Victim Support Milestone Awards to three fantastic volunteers at the Lord Hill Hotel. I very much enjoyed meeting them all and the large number of proud family members who came to share the occasion.

The fabulous Claire Kirk has been a volunteer for over twenty years starting in Telford and then, with Lottery funding, was one of the key players in setting up Victim Support Shropshire.   Claire became a volunteer after being a victim of crime – her house was burgled. Claire learnt at first hand, in her case from the police, how important support was for victims in the aftermath of a crime. Claire is still an enthusiastic volunteer and intends to carry on for many years to come.

Hayley Lane worked in Thieves Lane whilst volunteering for Victim Support – just a co-incidence? Hayley studied Counselling at Shrewsbury College which then led to a degree. A couple of years ago Hayley completed Victim Support’s Domestic Violence training and took on a role working with victims of domestic violence and serious crime. In 2014 she became a member of staff as a Caseworker. Hayley received a five-year award.

Brenda Haynes also received a five-year award. Brenda used to work for the Ambulance service and so had experience of dealing with the victims of crime but she wanted to help deal with the emotional and psychological damage as well as the physical damage and so volunteered to work with Victim Support.   Brenda has demonstrated over many years as a volunteer for the RSPCA and St John’s Ambulance that she wants to make a difference in Shropshire and she is. They all are – and I thanked them on behalf of everyone in the county.