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Thursday 23rd October Young Good Citizens Awards, Hindlip Hall, Worcestershire.

All the Young Achievers with there award certificates.
All the Young Achievers with there award certificates.

Every year a special ceremony of awards is held at the West Mercia Headquarters, Hindlip Hall, to celebrate achievements of good citizenship gained by young people in the counties of Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire. It is an initiative from the West Mercia Police to engage specifically with the local communities, giving recognition to young persons who contribute to the community by means of raising funds for good causes, being a young carer, showing an exceptional sense of duty and responsibility, a general awareness of wanting to do good. The High Sherif from each of the counties is invited to present the Awards to their respective nominees before an audience of families and friends as well as senior Police Officers and Community Officers.

The Ceremonial Event was introduced by Chief Constable David Shaw, then the evening ceremonies was led by Chief Inspector Jim Baker, who has been master minding the whole event. There were four Shropshire nominees: Summer Davies-Newton, aged 18, from Telford; Chloe Robinson, aged 14, from Kington and Weobley; Grace Davies-Friend, aged 14, from Shrewsbury; and finallyThomas Heather, aged 11, from Market Drayton. There were six other nominees from the neighbouring counties. It is a hugely rewarding ceremony for all involved, a wonderful way to openly congratulate these hugely deserving young achievers, and it was especially meaningful for the families to be able to come to Hindlip Hall and to be given this recognition by the Police Force.

Preceding the ceremony the High Sheriffs and their spouses were invited to some presentations given by the Chief Officer Team.  They were given insight into various aspects of policing, namely ‘Integrated Offender Management’, led by Superintendent Charles Hill; the ‘Major Crime Review Team’, led by Police Superintendent Sharon Avery; and also all about ‘Safer Roads Partnership’ schemes that have evolved in the last years, led by Mr Rod Reynolds and Ms Vicki Bristow.  They explained the complexities of modern policing and how the Police Force, and equally the management of prisons, are trying hard to adapt to the needs of the community as well as law enforcement. As an example the ‘Safer Road Partnership’ has initiated a Community Concern Speed Enforcement programme which allows The Safer Road Partnership to respond to concerns raised by local residents and community groups about speeding in their local area.     Residents worried about speeding can contact their local parish council to raise their concerns or raise it with their local Safer Neighbourhood Team at a Partners and Communities Together meeting.

As an added bonus the High Sheriffs had the delightful opportunity to look inside a Speed Camera van to see for themselves just how easy it was to be caught speeding thanks to highly efficient photo technology. There is definitely no escaping! To read in greater detail any information on the the above event and Hindlip Hall itself do look up: or just Hindlip Hall.