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Sunday, 14th September. West Mercia police Open Day

High Sheriff talking to young Cadets.
High Sheriff talking to young Cadets.

The West Mercia Police  put on an Open Day where they had all aspects of policing in the county on show to the general public. This was an initiative taken in order to engage with the public, giving people and their families an opportunity to observe and ask questions to the police.

Children had great fun clambering all over police cars and vans, as well as motor bikes, with flashing lights and sirens blaring. They had the chance to see police dogs and talk with their handlers. Even the inside of a speed camera van was available for everyone to explore and see for themselves how easy it is to be caught speeding. Long queues built up in order for people to go and look inside the prison cells – definitely a popular visit to make. There were desks monitored by Cadets as well as Police Officers, who were happy to talk about recruitment and careers in the Police Force.

The day appeared to be a hugely successful, with many visitors, especially young families who were thoroughly enjoying being able to make friends with their local policeman!