The High Sheriff of Shropshire

The High Sheriff of Shropshire

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Monday, 8th December Thomas Telford School

photo ttttttttttttttttttttttttttt1The High Sheriff and his wife were given a very interesting and illuminating tour of Thomas Telford School, a high performing secondary school which lies at the heart of Telford. The School is a City Technology College, sponsored by the Mercers’ Company and Tarmac Holdings Ltd.,with over 1200 eleven to eighteen yr old students.  . It was established in 1991 to pioneer new methods of education, to raise standards for its students and to share successful practice with other schools. It is now widely regarded as one of the most successful state secondary schools in England and has established three Academies in Walsall, Sandwell and Madeley. The School offers a broad curriculum with an emphasis on Science, Mathematics, Technology and Business Education. As well as high academic standards, the School has built a tradition of first class sporting achievements and high quality performing arts.

At the helm is the headmaster Sir Kevin Satchwell, who proudly showed the High Sheriff around the school. Under his leadership the school has established itself as one of the country’s top comprehensives. Sir Kevin has been with the school since it opened in 1991. Knighted for his work less than a decade later, his passion for teaching is as strong as ever and he continues to push the boundaries of educational provision.  In July 2010, Sir Kevin received an honorary doctorate from Staffordshire University.

The school has a strongly contemporary look and feel about it, more like a university campus rather than a school. Class rooms are relatively open plan. There appears to be a strong, shared work ethos, where one can easily witness work being undertaken in a calm studious environment. There are big TV screens set up around the school so that students are continually made aware of schedules, programmes etc. which students are encouraged to contribute to.  ‘Boards of Excellence’ showing students achievements cover walls of long corridors, constant reminders of what to aim for. The facilities were indeed impressive.  A most interesting morning indeed!