The High Sheriff of Shropshire

The High Sheriff of Shropshire

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Sunday, 1st March Visit to Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Hadley Road, Telford

The High Sheriff was warmly welcomed to the Sunday Service at Guru Nanak Sikh Temple in Telford, by                  Councillor Kuldip S Sahota and the President,sikhhhhhhhh temple Parkash s Dam.

The Sikh religion was founded over 500 years ago, and today has a following of over 20 million people worldwide and is ranked as the worlds 5th largest religion. Sikhism preaches a message of Devotion and remembrance of God at all times, truthful living, equality of mankind and denounces superstitions and blind rituals. Sikhism is open to all through the teachings of its 10 Gurus enshrined in the Sikh Holy Book and Living Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Being able to take part in the service was a most enlightening and enriching experience, where worshipers may come and go during the service which is held between 9am and 1pm on a Sunday. Anyone is welcome, so long as both men and women wear a scarf over their head and shoes are taken off. Worshipers sit cross legged whilst listening to chanting of verses from the Holy Book having payed their respect to the Holy Book by bowing and kneeling before it. There is avery calm, meditative atmosphere. During the service The High Sheriff got up to say a few words in order to introduce himself.

Part of the ceremony of going to worship is to enjoy tea and delicious ‘cookies’ in the communal room along with everybody attending. The refreshments are prepared by the local ladies who take it in turn to run the kitchen. It is a free for all and a beautiful way for the community of worshipers to engage with each other and for families to participate. There is also a class in progress teaching the children Punjabi in order that they might understand the readings of The Holy Book.

There definitely was a most wonderful all engaging, communal ambiance, a very special place to worship and be together on a Sunday morning. Do look at their website for further information.