Thursday 25th January 2018

At the invitation of Cllr Lyn Fowler, Mayor of Newport, Veronica and I visited the Guildhall, where we were met by the Town Clerk, who introduced us to the Mayor, and to Cllr Tim Nelson and Bernie Jones, Chairman of the Shrewsbury & Newport Canal Trust. We were extremely impressed at the fine restoration of the Guildhall which contains the council’s offices. We visited the Shrewsbury & Newport Canal which runs though the town and looked particularly at the beautiful bridge built by Telford which forms part of Chetwynd End (an extension of the High Street). Following a walk through the historic centre of this pretty town, we were entertained to lunch at The Guildhall, at the end of which we were delighted to be presented with the Arms of the town of Newport. Veronica and I both greatly enjoyed the visit and were touched by the very enthusiastic reception that we received.

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